Dubai: Lakes on fire, white cherries and K-pop merchandise -- the newest attractions at this year’s edition of Global Village are drawing huge crowds, even as Korea and Azerbaijan have joined the Global Village family, taking the total number of pavilions to 26.

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K-Pop merchandise on sale at the South Korea stall in Global Village. Picture taken on 27th November, 2019. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

The Azerbaijan pavilion gives visitors a sneak peek into not just Azerbaijan but also Georgia, Czech Republic and Kyrgyzstan with food from the Caucasian culture being a big draw. Traditional Azerbaijan delights such as Chudu and Qutab, which are essentially breads and pastries with different fillings, have many takers, as do the freshly baked Chimney cakes which come with ice cream and are topped with spices from the Czech Republic.

Another unmissable attraction here is a shop that sells dried fruits and jams from Azerbaijan and Georgia. They offer an unusual traditional delicacy –white cherry jam and white cherry juices. “White cherrry is native to our region, you can rarely find it elsewhere,” said Davit Mamrikishvili, the owner of the store.

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Shop owner Davit Mamrikishvili showcases white cherry juice at his shop The Georgian Taste at the Azerbaijan Stall on 27th November, 2019. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News
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Chimney Cake UAE is definitely a highlight at the Azerbaijan Stall at Global Village. Picture taken on 27th November, 2019. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Abayas, embroidered in handmade traditional Kyrgyzstani designs, can also be found at Azerbaijan village, as well as tribal jewellery. “The region is deeply influenced by Arabic culture which explains why most of our designs feature Arabic words and numbers,” said a salesman.

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Ulangazy Askarbekov, salesman of a jewelry shop in the Azerbaijan Stall showcases some of his best pieces on 27th November, 2019. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Korean Village

Every K-pop fan’s dream comes alive in the Korean pavilion where many stores carry merchandise from Korean bands like BTS. “Emiratis and Saudis are our biggest customers,” said a shopkeeper. “Some of them even speak the Korean language.”

Korean beauty products are yet another major draw here. Many kiosks carry unusual looking shoes with bright colours and quirky styles inspired by the new style of Korean attire.

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Famous CLJD design shoes on sale at Al Alami Fashion located in the South Korea stall at Global Village. Picture taken on 27th November, 2019. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

A unique find in the Korean Village is a sculpture shop tucked away at the back of the pavilion. Large structures made of metal bolts and pieces are found in the shape of human faces, torsos and hands. The unusual pieces come in many styles and sizes.

Other new additions

Another new feature worth visiting in Global Village this season is the Fire Fountain Show. Located on the “Lake” where the Abra trips usually take place, the musical flame dance show is an exciting 15-minute experience that can be caught daily at 8pm or 10pm.