Hot summer desert walk
Picture for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pexel

Dubai: Summer heat will peak this week across the UAE. According to the National Center of Meteorology, on Monday, the weather will be quite hot and sunny in most parts of the country. However, some areas in the eastern and southern parts of the country will see cloudy weather with a chance of rain. Fujairah, Al Ain, and some internal parts of Abu Dhabi are most likely to receive scattered rainfall.

While over the weekend, mercury hit close to 50°C. The maximum temperature in the country is expected to reach 49°C, again, today. High levels of humidity were also recorded today.

An NCM official told Gulf News: "Today (June 20), we recorded 100 per cent humidity in some coastal areas. This is not unusual in June and the level of humidity depends on the direction of the air mass. If the air mass is coming from the sea, the humidity will be high. If it is coming from the south east or south west parts of the country, the air mass will be arid and dry."

Temperature highs in coastal areas are expected to reach 40-47°C. In the internal areas, temperature highs will be between 45-49°C, and 31 to 37°C in the mountainous regions, the NCM said.

Humid is expected to increase again by night and Tuesday morning with a chance of fog or mist formation over some coastal and internal areas especially Westward.

Light to moderate winds will cause dust to blow at times, especially in internal regions, the NCM added.

The sea will be relatively calm in the Arabian Gulf and slight in Oman Sea.