Rain in UAE
Rain hit parts of the UAE on Wednesday and more rain is expected this month. Image Credit: Screengrab @officialuaeweather/Instagram

Temperature is in the twenties and there’s a mild ‘cool’ in the air. It’s officially UAE’s rainy season. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) told Gulf News that the country is facing “more than average” rainfall this autumn.

On Wednesday afternoon, heavy rain was recorded in parts of Sharjah, Dubai’s Hatta, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. Videos and pictures of the rain circulated across social media platforms.

Overcast skies and rainy weather are expected to continue till Thursday. There is a chance of rain in coastal areas including parts of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman as well as Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, specifically in Al Ruwais.

On Friday, the clouds are expected to move southwards, in Abu Dhabi, and the probability of rain is expected to decrease, according to an official from the NCM. He said: “The low pressure causing rain in the country will eventually weaken and the clouds will move to the east and chance of rain is low. Light showers are only expected in the far west and southwest areas of the UAE.”

Speaking about the recent rains, the NCM official said: “We have a low pressure system’s effect over the UAE as usual [during this time of the year], which is causing rain especially in the east and north of the country. There is also an extension of low pressure from the northwest, which is causing unstable weather across the UAE in general, especially in the eastern and northern areas.

“We will be experiencing convective (rain bearing) cloud formation sometimes early morning, at night or during the daytime, depending on the day.”

Rainy conditions and overcast skies are expected throughout the month of November, according to the NCM. However, the UAE is experiencing “more rain than average” this time of the year as compared to previous few years. “However, this weather pattern is not unusual during this time of the year. For example, in 2013, 125 millimetres of rain was recorded in a single day.”

He said: “Due to the pressure system we have detected, there is a chance of more rain in November.”

When asked about whether UAE residents can look forward to more showers in winter, the NCM representative said: “As we move towards the winter season in the UAE, which occurs from December to February, there will be a pressure system that will most likely give us rain – that’s the general climate of the UAE.” Dust out the brolleys and sweaters… the season is here.