A construction worker protects himself from the dusty winds in Dubai. Strong south-westerly winds are expected to kick up dust and sand across the UAE from Thursday evening, February 16 Image Credit: Francois Nel/Gulf News

Al Ain: Gusty winds are likely to hit different parts of the country on Wednesday.

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Dubai Air and Navigation Services has warned that dust and sand will reduce visibility to 100 metres or less.

Gushing winds battered Al Ain and other towns and cities last night in the southern and eastern emirates, creating problems for the people living or deriving in the open areas.

Windy conditions were also reported Wednesday morning from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities across the emirates.

Winds were, however, not stormy enough to damage trees or the civic infrastructure anywhere. The conditions forced residents to stay in-door and take proper protection before stepping out of the homes. Suspended dust partials considerably reduced the visibility and created breathing problems for people with dust allergies.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) said instability conditions will continue today (Wednesday) with hazy and partly cloudy to cloudy weather in general all over the UAE.

Thunderstorm is also likely in the northern emirates. Strong winds will sweep through the area. Some drizzle/light showers were reported in Dhudna, a town in on the eastern coast Tuesday. It was measured just 1mm by the NCMS.

Strong winds are expected in the southern areas of the country. A widespread blowing dust and sand is expected in this part of the emirates that could lead to a significant reduction in horizontal visibility.

The sea will be rough and dangerous for small boats and fishing trawlers.