Beachgoers caught in the dust storm at Mamzar Beach in Dubai. The NCM has forecast high temperatures and hazy weather. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: After yesterday’s (Friday) summer storm in the UAE, more rainfall is expected around the country today (Saturday), as stated by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM). Though the day is likely to be very hot in general, with the maximum temperature expected to reach 49C, the amount of clouds will increase over scattered areas, with chances of rainfall later today.

A spokesperson at NCM explained that though the internal areas may not experience rainfall during the summer months, it is not unusual. It was a combination of many factors that lead to the rainfall yesterday, which is usually experienced in the eastern parts of the country at this time of the year.

He said: “During this time of the year, there are normally easterly winds blowing, which support cloud formation. Yesterday, in the beginning of the day, there wasn’t much rain because of the dust. It was blocking the air from rising up. So, it appeared hazy. But, over the west, there was a sea breeze, which brought in moisture from the seas and lead to the clouds become convective.”

On a normal summer day, the temperatures are high, but the relative humidity makes it feel warmer.

Today, the weather is expected to be similar to that of yesterday.

The spokesperson from NCM said: “Until now, the winds are not so strong. But, we’re waiting and expecting the situation to be same as yesterday. It will be a hot day in general and even hazy at time. But, there is still a chance of rain later, especially over the eastern and southern areas.”

Yesterday, a woman suffered minor injuries in Dubai after a tree fell on her house while she was inside, as parts of Dubai were hit by rain and strong winds. Today, the NCM is expecting wind speeds of between 16–30km/h, but could also reach 44km/h at times in the internal areas.

The winds could also cause blowing dust and sand in exposed areas, leading to poor horizontal visibility. The NCM issued a warning earlier this morning stating that the visibility could drop to less than 2,000m around the country until 8 pm today and urged motorists to be careful when driving.

The seas could also get rough at times in the Arabian Gulf.

After the rain yesterday, inspectors and engineers from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) were quick to investigate the various affected areas in Dubai, to ensure that there was no stagnant water.

In a tweet, the management of the RTA wrote: “RTA’s engineers and inspectors did a comprehensive scan of all roads, which was followed by clearing the roads from rainwater, and ensuring the full operation of traffic signals in the Emirate. In addition, we directed all road contractors to ensure the safety of work areas.”

They worked in coordination with officials from Dubai Municipality and Dubai Police.