Motorists were pleasantly surprised to see sudden light drizzle on Mohammad Bin Zayed road on Friday. Image Credit: Photo: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: The first showers of the winter season fell upon Dubai on Friday afternoon, as the light drizzle brought a welcome relief to some of the city's districts.

As the skies were partly overcast and the mercury hovered at 30 degrees C, motorists and residents were surprised to see sudden light showers.

The rain brought a cool respite even as Cyclone Storm "Nilofar" has weakened into "depression", or low-pressure area, as it approached the Arabian peninsula.

Temperatures continue to fall sharply during the month of November as the subtropical jet moves southwards and upper-level winds over the Gulf strengthen.

Weathemen said there is the increased potential for low-pressure systems to propagate from the North and West into the area.

Historically, the minimum temperature in Dubai as November sets in goes down to 20.1 degrees C on average from the October minimum average of 24.1 degrees C.

Forecasters expect stable weather over the weekend, as the wintry temperature sets in.