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The dog that was rescued Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: A Korean couple has expressed gratitude to the Sharjah Police who rescued their cat and dog from their burning residential tower in Al Nahda.

The couple approached Buhairah Police station on Wednesday morning, a day after the incident, and sought police help to get back their cat and dog.

A team from Buhairah police station immediately went to the building and reached the 22nd floor apartment of the couple though the stairs. They took all preacutionary and safety measures while going up to stairway.

Thanks to their efforts, the couple was reunited with their cat and dog on Wednesday. The pets are in good health.

Sharjah police officials said the police not only care for human beings, but also animals.

“This is our job, we care about humans, animals and everyone in the UAE,” said one of them.

The couple said: “Thank you so much Sharjah Police in helping us locate and save our cat and dog. You are not only risking your lives to save humans, but also animals. You are amazing.”