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Dubai: Dozens of artists recently "brewed up" a 70-metre painting with coffee in a live event in Dubai.

As many as 41 artists of 14 nationalities took part in the making of the mammoth canvas in what was titled the "Coffee Art Marathon".

From beans to brew, the artists used coffee as an eco-friendlier and sustainable medium to mark the Year of Sustainability in the UAE, said Jesno Jackson, co-founder and curator of Art4You Gallery in Dubai which organised the event.

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Speaking to Gulf News, Jackson said the event was organised as part of the inaugural Art Marathon organised by her gallery.

“Every participant was delighted to create an artistic symphony where the aroma of coffee blended with each brushstroke,” said Jackson, who also contributed by drawing a landscape painting.

“We used coffee as a sustainable medium in support of the Year of Sustainability in the UAE. We had artists of different ages taking part in the event. They used either powder or liquid form of coffee. The whole painting was completed in one and a half hours,” she said.

The 70-metre scroll canvas was set up on top of 75 tables that were assembled together at Montalbano, Al Khayat Avenue in Al Quoz.

Unique medium

Vasilisa Eliseeva, a Russian artist who took part in the event, said: “As an art teacher, I use a lot of techniques for different types of paintings, from pencil and charcoal to acrylic painting and watercolours, because I have to teach different types of art mediums to my students and coffee beans is one of my favourite mediums. I love the smell of coffee. It has a unique monochrome colour, which needs a lot of patience because during the painting you need to use a lot of layers for making different colour tones.”

She said the combination of coffee with other mediums like pencil, pen, or charcoal can create stunning effects in portraits. Since coffee painting can have a natural sepia tone, blending it with other such mediums can add depth and texture to the coffee artwork.

Participating in the Coffee Art Marathon was a delightful experience, said another artist, Mahum Shoaib.

“It sparked a newfound passion within me, leading me to explore Coffee Bean Art. I have infused my own signature style of textures with coffee beans. During the longest live painting with coffee, I represented Pakistan, showcasing famous Pakistani landmarks and our intricate Truck Art,” she said.

Different themes

Jackson said artists portrayed different themes, infusing the canvas with the rich tones of coffee provided by Attibassi and created a platform for pushing the boundaries of innovation.

The history of coffee was also portrayed on the canvas, she added.

It was the longest live painting with coffee in the UAE and the completed work is set to be showcased at the Coffee Museum in Dubai in the near future, said Jackson.

Among the other notable contributors were, Alia Abdul Karim, Soobika Fawad, Rahma Fawad, Shakiba Rabiei, Aliyeh Mohammad Barazandeh, Mehboobeh Shahnavas, Lina Abdolhamid, Neethu George, Maria Komal Abie, Manjari Vybhava, Murali Nettissery, Megha Manjarekar, Ridhima Ajay Manjarekar, Ruxeena Mustafa, Anila Krishnakumar, Nisha Varghese, Zara Bekmurzaeva, Sofia Bekmurzaeva, Smagulova Sabina, Smagulova Ameliya, Elias Avad, Volha Bunko, Beschetnov Bogdan, Iurii Ivanov, Sofia Kuprina, Zulya Kuprina, Ariella Livshits, Margaux Paradis, Alice Zakaryan, Kira Zakaryan, Sarri Tolarba Gayat, Khuloud Al Mhairi and Alzbeta Znamenska.