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Ahmad Haffar

When you first start hearing Download the InstaShop App in English and Arabic, you will assume it's two different voices. But it's none other than Ahmad Haffar, the voice shape-shifter who is known as The Voice of Dubai for his work in music and voicing over 50 companies across the UAE. The catch? He creates a new tone for every client to match their marketing and audience needs for the entire region, the same way he hand-tailors the music to represent major brands.

Ahmad is known to have voiced and made the music for major projects including Expo 2020, Dubai Opera, Majed al Futtaim, Dubai Metro, Emirates Airlines, Etisalat, Rixos Hotels, and much more, but no one really knows how he does it.

Ahmad co-owns dubai-based audio production house, Mindloop Studios, making him a professional in the industry itself, and constantly in contact with his clients. With this, Ahmad took the opportunity to create an ''official'' voice for clients that may require it, on contract, to assist them for years to come with ease of mind.

Before becoming a business owner and rising to popularity with the public, Ahmad comes from a background of hardship or struggle, as he continues to fight in innovating new ideas for the marketing sector of the MENA, and Instashop was just the right fit for a brand that is equally growing fast within the region itself.

When asked how he developed the tones for InstaShop, Ahmad says, "Being at the forefront of every new client's marketing horizon, brings challenges that are unprecedented. As everything is unprecedented until it happens. With instaShop, using the platform first hand on almost a daily basis, I have understood the grounding importance as to what matters the most with people when reflecting upon the App. With this, I found a serene, genuine and almost-natural voice to match them.

"When presented to the marketing team, with their assistance and vast experience in the brand, we found a way to harmonise and create the tone for InstaShop! Now, you'll notice the arabic tone sounds a bit more like my voice at the Dubai Opera, or even the one at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, this is to ensure that even through online ads, people feel as welcome as possible with InstaShop. More than just voice is on the way, I hope!"

After winning over 12 awards (Prestige Awards, International Business Magazine, MENA Awards), Ahmad has decided to challenge himself by creating what will be, a custom-made media education platform here in the UAE. It will be his own school that will be teaching Audio & Voiceover at launch, debuting at the end of 2023, titled On the Field Academy.

With the busy lifestyle of running and building 2 companies, Ahmad still finds a way to continue evolving his voice with new tonalities for each new client, and InstaShop is no different,

As InstaShop continues to grow across the region, Ahmad has found himself in voice partnership to spread their exciting new deals & messages in a custom-made tone to suit its audiences.

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