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Emiratis celebrating the success of UAE's Hope Probe at Burj Plaza in Dubai on Tuesday. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Dubai: It is a momentous occasion for not just the UAE, but the region as a whole. The UAE is the fifth country to set foot in Mars, after USA, Russia, EU and India. Here in the Emirates, the congratulatory messages have been pouring in non-stop and needless to say Emiratis and expats are excited with the witness, many of whom witnessed the historic moment live on news sites.

Take a look at what Emiratis and UAE expats from different walks of life had to say.

What will Hope Probe do

Ismail Ali Abdullah

Ismail Ali Abdullah, CEO, Strata Manufacturing said: “Hope Probe is going to study the erosion of weather and the atmosphere around Mars. All the data will be provided to more than 200 science institutions and universities. It is an investment we have made. The past six years we have achieved knowledge from around the world. What we are trying to do here in the UAE is trying to build a knowledge based economy. Young engineers are the bedrock for the next 50 years in the UAE.”

What next

Abdullah said: “For our leadership there is nothing impossible. Stay tuned there is more coming.”

Why are we going to Mars?

Arif Al Hammadi

Arif Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University, said: “We find that there is so much synergy between what we do here in the UAE and in the Mars. There is evaporation of hydrogen and oxygen that doesn’t become water. This is what Hope Mars will study — why we have ice and why we have evaporation of the water. We are not just going to Mars we are doing what is best for our country,” he said.

Momentous occasion

Dr Raja Al Gurg

The UAE’s successful mission to the Red Planet marks a new dawn in the Emirati and Arab space exploration journey and represents a catalyst to the creative abilities of the UAE and Arabs peoples, said Dr Raja Al Gurg, President of the Dubai Business Women's Council (DBWC). Speaking on the occasion of the Hope Probe’s arrival to Mars, Al Gurg said the UAE’s unprecedented achievement will pave the way for Emiratis and Arabs to strongly enter the world of innovation, scientific discovery and space exploration.

Ahmad Daham

Iraqi expat, Ahmad Daham, 34, a racer in Dubai, said this is a momentous occasion for UAE and the region as a whole. “The UAE has set the tone in the space world. I am so proud to be part of the UAE. The Arab world will look at the country’s achievement with pride. I sincerely hope the mission is a success and we discover some major findings.”

Abdul Latif Al Shamsi

Abdul Latif Al Shamsi, CEO, Higher Colleges of Technology said: “To reach this level is an amazing feat. Congratulations to the entire team. It shows the investment you make in human capital is what makes all the difference. We are proud of our leadership.”

Ghaleb Al Breiki, acting vice-chancellor for UAE University said: “It is a historic moment for us now. We hope that we give hope to the Arab youth. One of the major objective to prepare the graduate in space technology.

An uplifting adventure

Linzay Canham

For British expat, Linzay Canham, 49, a homemaker, the Mars Mission is a wonderfully uplifting adventure. “The Hope probe is a world first for Arab nations. If it successfully orbits Mars then it will provide science data for the next two years and be a STEM beacon for millions of students. Fingers crossed for success!”

Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali

Pakistani expat doctor in the UAE, Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali, consultant urologist, Medcare Hospital Al Safa said: “It is amazing and joyful to see the first-ever interplanetary mission of UAE to reach Mars orbit. An outstanding achievement indeed for UAE and the Hope Probe mission.”

Ambitions pay off

Dr. Saeed Al Shaikh

Emirati doctor, Dr. Saeed Al Shaikh, consultant gastroenterologist, Medcare Hospital Al Safa said: “The UAE is ambitious and it is this ambition that has led the country to Mars. The vision of our leadership has no limits. These steps will lead to considerable advancements in the scientific search for humanity. We as UAE people and everyone around us is very proud of this achievement.”

Anis Sajan

Anis Sajan, managing director — Danube Group could not agree more. He said: the “Hope Probe” is a symbol of the vision of the country’s leadership. “It is a message of optimism and confidence that we all hold in the UAE. Hearty congratulations to UAE and the people behind the Mission.”

Discoveries and findings

Katarina Elavia

Slovakian expat Katarina Elavia, 34, a fitness trainer in Dubai said she is proud of UAE’s achievement. But she would also like to know about some discoveries and findings of Hope Probe. “Like I am really curious about future travel to space. I would like to go if possible! Life beyond Earth has always fascinated me and the Hope Probe has kept me so interested.”