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Swarms of locust (grasshoppers) attack north Dubai evening around 6.45 pm swarms of grasshoppers appeared from Jabel Ali side moving towards interior Dubai Reader Photos Narendra Korlekar Image Credit: Narendra Korlekar

Dubai: Gulf News readers reported seeing a swarm of locust in north Dubai over the Eid holidays.

A swarm of locust seen in Discovery Gardens Narendra Korlekar

Narendra Korlekar in Discovery Gardens saw thousands of the pests moving inland from Jebel Ali at around 6.45pm on Sunday.

“I thought I’d better inform the newspaper because we’ve seen reports of locust attacks in North India and Pakistan, and tonnes and tonnes of crops have been destroyed. These were moving inland towards Al Ain where there are lots of farms,” he said.

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a swarm of locust descend upon Discovery Gardens Image Credit: Narendra Korlekar

Video and pictures were shot from his window.

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This picture by Shoiba Fathima also captured the swarm Image Credit: Shoiba Fathima

Shoiba Fathima, from Our Own English High School in Dubai also sent in some pictures, and said, “I took this at about 6.46pm in Discovery Gardens, Jebel Ali on Sunday. This was the first time I’ve ever seen such a huge swarm of locusts.”

Gulf News has reached out to Dubai Municipality for comment but has yet to get a response.