Dubai rains
Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Antonin-Kelian-Kallouche / Gulf News

The UAE will see overcast skies, rainfall, thunder and lightning in different intensities between Monday and Thursday, according to the National Center of Meteorology. Cloud seeding is also expected to enhance rain activity in the country. There will be a slight drop in temperatures across the country.

The NCM weather map for the day indicates that rainfall today is mainly expected in the coastal regions.

UAE weather map for April 13, 2020

An official from the National Center of Meteorology sais: "The country is affected by a surface low pressure from the Red Sea coinciding with an upper air trough from the Northwest, this will cause convective clouds from the west of the country to move over the UAE. These convective clouds are expected to cause rain with a chance of lightning and thunder."

The weather conditions, that are normal at this time of the year, according to the NCM official, will bring rainfall to the entire country. The NCM further added: "The surface and upper air low pressure will gradually deepen and coincides with the increase in the relative humidity in the upper air, which will lead to the development of convective clouds over scattered areas of the country starting from the western regions, over the sea and extend over coastal and internal areas to the country."

The situation will peak on Wednesday, the NCM confirmed.

Starting April 12 evening, the NCM confirmed that their cloud seeding teams are on standby to monitor clouds over the country for cloud seeding, in order to enhance rain activity in the country.

The country's weather bureau has advised residents to exercise caution while driving vehicles during rainfall due to poor horizontal visibility. The NCM also said it is best to avoid wadis where water can collect.

The UAE saw temperatures reaching over 40°C last week. This week it will gradually decrease. The maximum temperature across the country today will be between 25-35°C.

Winds will be moderate to fresh and strong at times especially over the sea, with convective clouds. This will cause blowing dust and sand over the exposed areas, reducing the horizontal visibility at times.

Sea will be moderate to rough especially with clouds in the Arabian Gulf and in Oman Sea.

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