Ishika Khandelwal (seated left), who scored 98.6 per cent, and other Grade 12 students of OIS as they discuss their results. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: A mood of jubilation set upon Indian schools across the UAE as Grade 12 and Grade 10 students celebrated the receipt of their board exam results.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced on Friday morning that Grade 12 results had become available through its dedicated results website. A few hours later, it also released the Grade 10 results.

A majority of Indian curriculum schools in the UAE offer the CBSE board, and students therefore scrambled to extract their grades through the CBSE website.

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Delhi Private School Dubai's Anish Mangla, Our Own English High School's Pranamya Prasanna Belvai and Indian High School's Anna Joy score over 98 per cent in their streams in Grade 12. Image Credit: Supplied

The assessments, which were held in March and April this year, have a global pass rate of 87.33 per cent. This year, the exam board has also said that it will not announce the names of toppers in a bid to dissuade unhealthy competition.

UAE’s high scores

Nevertheless, a vast number of students in the UAE scored in the high 90s, ushering in celebration for themselves and their families.

A total of 2,212 students in GEMS Education’s CBSE curriculum schools across the UAE took the board exams, recording a pass rate of 99.9 per cent.

Grade 12 results

“Our students have done us proud once again. The CBSE results of 2022-23 testify the commitment and dedication of our students and teachers as well as the unstinted support offered by their families to them. On behalf of all the stakeholders of GEMS OOD, we congratulate these students for their incredible feat,” Our Own English High School in Dubai, said in a statement.

A total of 441 students at the school scored an average of 85.2 per cent, and achieved a 100 per cent pass rate. Pranamya Prasanna Belvai topped the school with 98.4 per cent, as well as its Science stream, where Neha Maria Denny topped in the Commerce stream with 97.6 per cent and Insiya topped in Humanities with 97.8 per cent.

Ishika Khandelwal, 17, topped the GEMS Our Own Indian School in Dubai with a grade of 98.6 per cent, and now plans to study Psychology at university.

“There were many challenges this year; however, we managed to come out of them stronger than ever due to the constant support of my parents and the school. OIS has given me the environment to enrich myself and grow into the person I am today!” she said.

A Grade 12 Dubai student shares an emotional moment with a friend as they celebrate their results. Image Credit: Supplied

At the Delhi Private School Dubai, Anish Mangla topped the school and the Science stream with 98.4 per cent. Sarisha Agrawal topped the Commerce stream with 97.4 per cent, and Aashna Sharma topped Humanities with 95.8 per cent.

A total of 132 students attended the exams at the GEMS United Indian School, and achieved a 100 per cent pass rate. On average, students scored 79 per cent at the school.

“This commendable performance of our learners is the result of our efforts in providing rich educational opportunities and cognitive skill training, our partnership with parents, our teachers’ relentless and dedicated approach in supporting learners, and, above all, our learners’ sustained effort in targeting achievements. These efforts combined have helped us scale such excellent results,” said K George Mathew, principal and chief executive officer at the GEMS United Indian School in Abu Dhabi.

It was a day for congratulations and celebrations for many CBSE students who took their Grade 12 board exams. Image Credit: Supplied

The Indian High School, Oud Metha Campus, also achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, and a large number of students scored A1 and A2 aggregates, said Punit MK Vasu, chief executive officer at The Indian High Group of Schools. A total of 628 students sat for the Grade 12 exams at the school.

Anna Joy topped the Science stream with 98.4 per cent, and Disha Prakash Kizhakhe Madom topped Commerce with 97.2 per cent. Riya Gupta, on the other hand, scored the highest grade in the Humanities stream with 96.6 per cent.

Indian High School girls after getting their results on Friday. Image Credit: Supplied

“Our Own English High School, Sharjah – Boys has once again demonstrated strong academic credentials and excellence in the CBSE Grade 12 Board Examination. The efforts of our students, our committed faculty and our incredibly supportive parent community have made this exemplary achievement possible and have carried the torch of honour and excellence. As we celebrate the achievements of our boys from the Science and Commerce stream, many have already gained placements into top universities across the globe, prepared to leave their indelible imprints on their communities and the world,” said Srivalsan Murugan, principal and chief executive officer at GEMS Our Own English High School, Sharjah – Boys.

A total of 224 boys appeared for the Grade 12 exams at the school, achieving an average grade of 79.8 per cent.A ditya Sunil Menon scored the highest in the school’s Science stream, while Hamza Mustafa Ratlami topped the Commerce stream.

At the Gulf Indian High School Dubai, Sana Mubarak Gavandi and Jasper Pratheeba shared the school topper position, scoring 96 per cent. Aleena Sarah Susan topped the school with 93.6 per cent in the Commerce stream.

At the Indian School Al Ain, Shayna Basu topped the Science stream with 95.6 per cent, and Sreya Muralidharan achieved the highest score in the Commerce stream with 95.8 per cent.

"We are once again filled with immense pride as our students have achieved remarkable success in the grade 12 board examination. A staggering one third of our students have achieved an outstanding aggregate score of over ninety percent. This incredible result is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our exceptional students, the unwavering support of our dedicated teachers, and the constant encouragement from our supportive parents. We congratulate Ms. Surya Swetanjali Vinjamuki for her exceptional achievement as our school topper, securing an impressive 95.8, per cent,” said Deepika Thapar Singh, principal and chief executive officer at Credence High School.

Grade 10 results

The scores were equally meritorious for students sitting CBSE Grade 10 exams in the UAE.

A total of 675 students appeared for the Grade 10 exams at the GEMS Our Own English High School in Dubai, achieving a school average of 81.1 per cent.

Reshma Nisa Salim Navaskhan and Kirti Roshankumar Thakar: The 99 per cent-plus scorers in Grade 10. Image Credit: Supplied

Kirti Roshankumar Thakar achieved the highest grade of 99.6 per cent.

At the Delhi Private School Dubai, Reshma Nisa Salim Navaskhan, Anlon Valedore Lewis and Navisshna Ravisankar were the school toppers with all three of them scoring 99.4 per cent. In a statement, the school said 318 students sat for the Grade 10 exams, and 94.3 per cent of them secured distinction.

DPS Principal and Director Rashmi Nandkeolyar: “We are proud of our students for their brilliant results... Significantly there are no failures and the class average is 88.82%. We congratulate our students, teachers and parents.”

Reshma said: “I cried with happiness after seeing the culmination of my hard work. My parents are the main reason behind my success - without them I would have never achieved this. My Principal and teachers moulded me to become the student I am today by guiding me. Lastly, my friends too played a huge role in comforting me throughout this journey. I'd like to thank everyone in my life for believing in me.”

Anlon said: “This is probably the best day of my life, a culmination of hard work and effort that I put over the last year. I was delighted to see a score that reflected my hard work. Firstly, I thank God for his blessings. I am overjoyed that I could make my parents, teachers and the school proud. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has been part of my journey, my family, teachers and friends. It is truly an incredible feeling to see my hard work, sacrifices and dedication pay off in such an extraordinary manner.”

Hani Azeem, a student with special educational needs, said: “Today my Grade 10 results are out and I am proud to have come out with flying colours [90 per cent]. I owe my results to the hard work of the Pastoral Care team at DPS Dubai. I’m grateful for the effort they have put in helping me realize my true potential. The school has transformed me from an introvert to a confident student. I thank Allah for his blessings and also thank my parents, especially my mother, for working tirelessly to help me achieve this result.”

Meanwhile, Gulf Indian High School Dubai saw 119 students sit for the Grade 10 exams. Janet Jaimon secured the highest grade in the school with 97.2 per cent.