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Dubai:  UAE students, along with their parents and teachers, are once again celebrating another set of exceptional International General Certificate of Secondary Education (I/GCSE) examination results. Notably, Sunmarke School stands out for its outstanding student achievements.

A number of Sunmarke students achieved multiple grade 9s. Neomi Maria Vanacore from the school has achieved a staggering 11 9s. Four other students from the school – Jeremy Chan, Mordekai Bou Rached, Sofia Gloncakova, Mark Milos and Zeina Abdelahad scored nine 9s.

Nicholas Rickford, Sunmarke’s Principal, said: “We are delighted with this year’s GCSE and BTEC results, which are the culmination of exceptional levels of hard work and determination, and very strong partnerships between students, teachers and parents. All our students are now prepared for further academic success in our extremely popular Sixth Form, and we look forward to leading them on their journey through A Level, BTEC, IB Diploma or the IB Career-related Progamme.”

Vranic Lenka


The Dubai British School Emirates Hills is also celebrating the success of its British curriculum exam results. Andriyanova Alisa from the school achieved 10 grade 9s while another student Vranic Lenka was awarded nine grade 9s. Seventy six of its students sat for the exams this year.

Andriyanova Alisa

The GEMS Education’s British curriculum schools on Thursday said its students fared the exams well.

Janelle D’mello of The Winchester School, Jebel Ali scored 10 9s. Manasvi Manoj Kumar Umar, 16, from GEMS Firstpoint school - The villa also scored 10 9s.

Other highlights of GEMS Education schools included at Jumeirah College, 21 per cent of the Dubai school’s GCSE student entries were awarded the top grade 9 and a near-perfect 99 per cent achieved 9-4 (A*-C), while at GEMS Wellington International School, 14 per cent of entries scored grade 9 and 95 per cent scored 9-4 (A*-C).

At GEMS Cambridge International Private School – Sharjah, 17 per cent of students obtained grade 9 marking at the school’s first ever set of GCSE results. At GEMS Cambridge International School – Abu Dhabi, 14 per cent of students were awarded grade 9.

Dr Saima Rana, Chief Education Officer, GEMS Education, said: “The GCSE results round off what has undoubtedly been an excellent school exam season over the summer, despite the various challenges that all schools and pupils across the globe have had to navigate. We are incredibly proud of everything our students and teachers have accomplished and look forward to further success to come!”

Taaleem Education is also celebrating the success of its results. Glen Radojkovich, Deputy Director of Ed, Director of IB and UK Schools said: “We are delighted to highlight a 100 per cent pass rate, reflecting the dedication, tenacity, and resilience of our student body. I am particularly proud of the record achievement of our Dubai British School, Emirates Hills achieving the best GCSE results in the school’s history. Over 40 per cent of students achieved grades of 8s and 9s, and more than 80 per cent secured grades of 6s and above.”

Alisha Conway

Perfect results

Alisha Conway from Dubai British School Jumeirah Park for one achieved a perfect set of GCSE results, obtaining straight grade 9s in every subject. So she collected 10 9s overall. Another star student of the school Amenah Al-Zuhair who worked tirelessly for her exams achieved nine Grade 9s and one Grade 8 in her GCSEs.

Amenah Al Zuhair

Glen Radojkovich

Brighton College Abu Dhabi also celebrated its students’ performance. Diego Toro Vizamora from the school achieved 11 Grade 9s while Hannah Aly achieved 10 Grade 9s. At Brighton College Dubai, Henry Fliss achieved nine: Grade 9s and one Grade 8.

Another student of Kings School Al Barsha - Nikash Pandit secured nine 9s and one 8.

He said : “I am delighted with my results today and congratulate all other students as well. This result is an outcome of the effort put in by my school and my parents. Additionally, I thank the school for their unwavering support in helping me balance my academic and sporting endeavours efficiently. I look forward to completing my A levels at Kings and continue to work hard in both spheres.”

Records broken

Dubai College's Headmaster, Michael Lambert, remarked that the records continue to be broken.

“At 153 students, this year’s GCSE cohort is the largest in Dubai College’s 45-year history, and 13% bigger than in 2019 which was the last time grades were unadjusted for COVID. It is therefore particularly gratifying that this year’s contingent have set a new record for Dubai College.

"With a staggering 91.9% of all examinations graded 9-7, our students have achieved the highest set of unadjusted GCSE grades at the school, ever. This kind of positive accomplishment shows that DC students are far more than book smart, they are conscientious, resilient, and committed. I offer many congratulations to the parents, students and staff who have collectively enabled this to happen.”

Raffles International School saw a doubling of the number of grade 9s awarded this year compared to previous years. As many as 28 percent of the students secured grade 9. In addition, 45 per cent of all entries have been awarded Grade 9-6.


Aldar Education, a leading education provider in the UAE, also announced the remarkable achievements of its students in the 2023 I/GCSE examinations.

Among the students who undertook the exams this year, 18% achieved the highest score earning the prestigious 9 grade (A*). Furthermore, 36% achieved an impressive 9-8 grade (A*) while 53% achieved a 9-7 grade (A*-A). Across Aldar Education, 89% of students achieved a pass rate of 9-4 (A*-C), reflecting a strong overall performance.

Starting with one school and 250 students in 2007, Aldar Education has grown into a highly sought-after education provider, enabling over 35,000 students across 28 schools and a growing network of 4,600 educator. Aldar Education delivers inclusive, sustainable, and innovative learning through a wide range of curriculum and ancillary services, ensuring a holistic approach to transformational growth through agility and sustainability.

  • Cranleigh Abu Dhabi achieved an overall pass rate of 97%, with 28% achieving the prestigious 9 grade (A*), 52% achieving an impressive 9-8 (A*) grade and 72% receiving a 9-7 grade (A*-A).
  • Al Ain British Academy achieved an overall pass rate of 92%, with 22% achieving the prestigious 9 grade (A*), 36% achieving an impressive 9-8 (A*) grade and 58% receiving a 9-7 grade (A*-A).
  • Bateen World Academy achieve`d an overall pass rate of 88%, with 14% achieving the prestigious 9 grade (A*), 29% achieving an impressive 9-8 (A*) grade and 45% receiving a 9-7 grade (A*-A).
  • Yasmina British Academy achieved an overall pass rate of 84%, with 14% achieving the prestigious 9 grade (A*), 30% achieving an impressive 9-8 (A*) grade and 45% receiving a 9-7 grade (A*-A).
  • Mamoura British Academy achieved an overall pass rate of 74%, with 6% achieving the prestigious 9 grade (A*), 11% achieving an impressive 9-8 (A*) grade and 16% receiving a 9-7 grade (A*-A).

Stephen Sharples, Executive Director of Education at Aldar Education, said: “We are immensely proud of the superb I/GCSE achievements of all our schools. On behalf of Aldar Education, I extend my congratulations to our students and wish them the best of luck in their next steps.”

Sarah Weaver, Principal of Mamoura British Academy, said: “I am absolutely thrilled to celebrate the remarkable GCSE results achieved by our students. It fills me with immense pride to witness the exceptional efforts they've put into their studies. This year, we have seen outstanding achievements across various subjects, with some truly standout performances in French, Geography, History, and Psychology."

"These accomplishments reflect the comprehensive and high-quality education that we strive to provide to our students," she added. "Seeing them excel in a diverse range of subjects highlights the well-rounded approach we take to their learning journey. To our students, on behalf of the Mamoura British Academy community, a heartfelt congratulations. Your hard work, dedication, and commitment have truly paid off.”

Aldar Education
Starting with one school and 250 students in 2007, Aldar Education has grown into a highly sought-after education provider, enabling over 33,000 students across 27 operated and managed schools and a growing network of 4,000 educators from over 100 nationalities. Image Credit: Supplied

Academic excellence

Neal Dilk, Principal of Bateen World Academy, added:” We are immensely proud to announce the exceptional GCSE results achieved by our students. Their unwavering dedication and commitment to academic excellence have yielded outstanding outcomes that reflect both their individual efforts and the supportive environment fostered within our institution."

"These remarkable results not only showcase their hard work, but also inspire us as educators to continue nurturing and empowering the next generation of achievers,” Dilk added.