File image used for illustrative purposes: Fireworks at Burj Al Arab Image Credit: Rabab Khan

Dubai: UAE residents can look forward to one more long weekend this year, this time a 4 or 5-day weekend (depending on whether you work on Saturday). 

The public holidays coming up next as published on the unified calendar are Dec 1 - 3. December 1 marks Commemoration Day, earlier called Martyrs' Day, which is observed to recognise the sacrifice of Emirati martyrs who gave their lives for the nation in civil, military and humanitarian service, abroad and within the UAE.

December 2 and 3 mark the celebration of the UAE National Day. In 1971 on December 2, rulers of the seven emirates came together to declare the union of the states and the UAE was born, then thriving under the leadership of  Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

2020 marks the 49th anniversary of this event, leading the UAE into the 50th year since the union of the emirates.

This year, Dec 1-3 fall from Tuesday to Thursday, and adding the normal Friday, Saturday weekend, most residents are set to get 5 days off that week. If you work on Saturday, this would be four days - still long enough to enjoy a nice break.