190926 probationary performance review
Someone filling out Probationary Performance Review. Image Credit: iStockphoto

I have been working in a private school on a limited two-year contract. One month ago I was terminated due to poor performance. Management said that in a school the probation was for one year not six months, therefore they didn’t have to pay end of service benefits of termination compensation because I hadn’t completed a year. The one year probation period is mentioned in my internal agreement letter signed at the time when I joined. Is this right? Can a private school increase their probation period?


Article no.37 of the Federal Labour Law No.8 of 1980 says, “A worker may be engaged on probation for a period not exceeding six months, during which their services may be terminated by the employer without notice or severance pay: provided that the worker shall not be engaged on probation more than once in the service of any employer. Where a worker successfully completes their period of probation and remains in their job, the said period shall be reckoned towards his period of service.” Therefore, based on the above mentioned article no agreement shall be made to increase the probation period and the school management has violated the labour law. You’ve been terminated after your probation period, so you are owed three months salary plus other end of service rights.

I’ve been working in a company on a limited contract for more than two years as a sales manager. One month ago, the owner of the company accused me of reporting work secrets to a competitor, which resulted in us losing several projects. He asked me to submit my resignation immediately or he would report me to the labour ministry, suspend or fire me as per article No.120 of the UAE’s Labour Law, which he said, would include deportation.

I’ve been suspended for one month and have been asked not to come back to work until further notice. Is my employer within their rights to do this and how do I defend myself?


If you didn’t do anything wrong against your employer and these are just accusations then you are advised to file a complaint against your employer at the Ministry of Labour. Do not submit your resignation as this would affect your legal position.