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People wearing mask at Gold Souq in Dubai. 29th January 2020 Photo: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Dubai: The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) announced on Wednesday it has developed and activated a predictive electronic system to identify patients at high risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

The ministry revealed that it has also activated an early warning system (Wareed system) across all its healthcare facilities to quickly identify individuals at higher risk of acquiring Coronavirus infection.

The early warning system coordinates and manages a potential outbreak. Once automated, algorithms identify a patient as high-risk, the Wareed system places consecutive orders for the patient to be isolated and treated immediately.

The ministry said the move was taken in cooperation with the UAE’s health authorities as a precautionary measure to protect the country against Coronavirus and to enhance confidence in the country’s preventive measures.

Tests and treatment protocols

A set of tests and treatment protocols has been automated according to the approved scientific standards to provide statistics and data analysis, monitor all suspected cases and standardize medical practices in all health facilities, MoHAP added.

Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, Assistant Under-Secretary of the Support Services Sector at the ministry, said the ministry has revised and updated infection control policies and advisories to help patients get the care required as well as to protect the general public, adding that the ministry is being highly responsive to such public health risks, and will implement immediate innovative solutions to make it easier for our healthcare force to screen, identify, isolate and manage such risks effectively.

88 health facilities

“With the risk and numbers of infected population rising globally, the MoHAP’s Wareed team immediately implemented protocols with in the Electronic Medical Record that can efficiently identify patients at high risk of potential infection. The timely customization of the Wareed system, which links patient data in 88 health facilities and contains an integrated database, has already started to save significant time for our clinicians on the ground, helping them quickly identify, coordinate and manage a potential outbreak. Once automated algorithms identify a patient as high-risk and the Wareed system places consecutive orders for the patient to be isolated and treated immediately,” he added.

Advanced clinical algorithms

Al Ketbi stressed that the Wareed team continues to develop and utilise advanced clinical algorithms especially in emerging situations like dealing with the Corona Virus where clinicians on the ground need instant support to deal with large scale pandemics. By applying clinical, IT and behavioral knowledge the Wareed team has succeeded in keeping our population safe. The team continues to innovate and grow the solutions available in The Ministry of Health and Prevention facilities, ensuring internationally standardized workflows are implemented for a better patient experience and overall improved population health.

He said that MOHAP is doing its utmost to establish a digital health system characterized by efficiency, high performance and reliability to improve patients ’experience according to the highest quality standards.

Al Ketbi added that the Ministry is upgrading its electronic health services, according to the smart government enablers and to the specified timeframe, and is committed to the government’s forward-looking vision to shape the future and consolidate the UAE’s position as a the global innovation hub for e-health care.

The ministry urges the public to follow its communication channels to get the latest updates on the Coronavirus and its current impact on travel plans.