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Aswin Sarang - Head of Robotics & AI with COVID-19 Response Robot Fleet at Reliable Robotics Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A local robotics firm in the UAE has launched a fleet of coronavirus bots capable of disinfecting, detecting and delivering food and medicine during the pandemic in support of frontline health workers.

Aswin Sarang, Head of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence with the COVID-19 Response Robot Fleet at Reliable Robotics, said, “We have launched four different robots with unique capabilities aimed at maximising the protection of the public as well as the health care workers and limiting their direct contact with COVID-19 patients.”

Fever Detection & Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Robot
Fever Detection and Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Robot Image Credit: Supplied

One robot detects fever and dispenses hand sanitiser. equipped with highly sensitive thermal and optical sensors for AI-based multi person fever detection with contactless hand sanitiser desipenser with COVID-19 awareness and Q&A speech modules, this particular robot can be deployed in places like malls, airports and hospitals.

Food and Medicine Delivery Robot
Food and Medicine Delivery Robot Image Credit: Supplied

There’s also a food and medicine delivery bot. Introduced as a contactless delivery robot, it delivers essential items like medicine and food to patients in quarantine and can be used in hospitals and quarantine centres to medical support staff.

COVID-19 Awareness / Telemedicine Robot
COVID-19 Awareness / Telemedicine Robot Image Credit: Supplied

A third robot delivers COVID-19 awareness and telemedicine. Programmed with speech-based Q&A related to coronavirus symptoms and prevention, it can also be used to provide telemedicine solutions, making it possible for medical professionals to communicate with patients remotely, saving time and enabling possibly contagious patients to stay confined.

Disinfection Robot
Disinfection Robot Image Credit: Supplied

Lastly there’s a disinfection robot equipped with a dry mist space sterilisation space system with strong sterilisation ability that can be used in public places like offices, malls, hospitals, airports and banks.