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Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

The family of a five-year-old child who had been left paralysed after a road traffic accident will receive Dh2 million in compensation.

The compensation has been ordered by the Al Ain Traffic Court. Investigations had revealed that the boy, of Asian nationality, had been waking in a residential neighborhood in Al Ain when the driver knocked him down and ran him over. According to court reports, the boy suffered severe head injuries, deep cuts, brain damage, abdominal and chest injuries, and multiple fractures. The accident left him bedridden, and 100 per cent disabled.

Investigations by the Al Ain Traffic Police showed that the driver had been driving recklessly, and was inattentive. He was fined Dh4,000 by the Traffic Police as a result.

Following the incident, the family's lawyer had asked the Insurance Dispute Settlement and Resolution Committee of the Insurance Authority to oblige the insurance firm insuring the driver's car to pay Dh10 million compensation for the physical, material and social damages caused. The committee has now ordered Dh2 million in compensation.