Authorities have urged residents to ensure they are fit to undertake treks on mountains Image Credit: Twitter/@ShjPolice

Sharjah: A 62-year-old UAE citizen passed away due to health complications while trekking on a mountain in Khorfakkan on Sunday evening, Sharjah Police said on Tuesday.

Lieutenant Colonel Saeed Rashid Al Hayaye, head of the Khorfakkan Comprehensive Police Station, said the operations room of the Eastern Region Police received a call stating that a person climbing Burj Al Rabi mountain became fatigued and was unable to continue walking due to extreme illness.

The police patrol and rescue teams, the Civil Defence Department in Khorfakkan and the National Ambulance rushed to the site, with the assistance of the people on the mountain path.

First aid

The teams provide him with first aid as his condition was critical. He was transferred by the National Ambulance to Khorfakkan Hospital, but he passed away. ‏

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The Eastern Region Police Department advised the public who practice sports on mountain paths to ensure they are fit and that they do not suffer from chronic diseases that may pose a health risk to them while exercising. The department further urged them to take safety precautions and use safe roads and paths when climbing mountains.

People in the Khorfakkan area can contact the local police in the event of any injury or fatigue through the numbers 092057555 or 999.