Emirates fake newsletter spam
A copy of the spam newsletter making the rounds Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Got an Emirates newsletter asking you to fill out a survey? Double-check the email address it came from. 

An Emirates spokesperson confirmed to Gulf News that there is a fake newsletter making the rounds asking people to take a survey, followed by a request to share credit card details.

The spammers emulate the distinctive design elements of Emirates Airlines in the newsletter, from the font to the images used. The subject of the email reads, "Notification! You have been given THIS surprise".

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The email goes on to promise Dh800 in rewards and 3000 Skywards [Emirates loyalty scheme] points if users take the survey.

However, after the survey, the spammers ask for credit card details to proceed further. The email address is emirates@e.emirates.travel which is inconsisent with the Emirates Airlines newsletter address.

Emirates statement

Emirates issued a statement to Gulf News on Monday saying, “On 8 November, we became aware of a phishing campaign mimicking our company’s marketing emails, whereby recipients were asked to complete a phony survey and provide their credit card details in return for frequent flyer miles and flight tickets.

Our cybersecurity team took immediate action to take down the site, and reported the incident to the relevant authorities. We’ve also informed customers contacting our call centers not to respond to the phishing email, and provided them with information on how to safeguard their accounts and personal information.

If any customer suspects their account may have been compromised, they can visit https://emirates.com/security for more information.”

How to avoid being scammed via email

- Always double-check the email address of emails received - click on it to see the domain and compare it with older emails.

- If in doubt, call your service provider or the email sender to ensure authenticity

- Don't click on links in emails, check the original website to make sure the 'offer' actually exists.

- Never ever give out your credit card details unless it is a secure payment gateway of an authentic website. Your CVC code and full credit card number should not be given out to any party - even if your bank asks you.