Ten things to know about Dubai traffic fine discount
Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: Two youngsters were sentenced to do community service for breaking privacy rules and rash driving, an Abu Dhabi court ruled.

The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal upheld two rulings of community service that the Court of First Instance had issued earlier.

In the first case, the defendant had breached the privacy of others and was barred from using Snapchat for a year. His mobile phone was seized and he was ordered to do community service for one month.

The second defendant was convicted for rashly driving a vehicle without number plates and was fined Dh7,000. His vehicle was also impounded. The earlier sentence that included suspension of his licence for three months, was revoked by the appeals court. He will have to put in two weeks of community service.

Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution referred the first accused to the Abu Dhabi Misdemeanor Court following the circulation of a video that had filmed his attempt to ridicule an oil filling attendant at a petrol pump.

The prosecutor’s investigation resulted in the defendant filming a video clip while he was in a petrol station filling his car. After getting the gas, he paid with coins worth Dh400 in a bag.

“Take the amount and give me the rest,” the youth told the attendant.

The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution conducted an investigation and detained the accused.

The second accused violated traffic rules and posted it on social media sites.