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Al Ain: A two-year-old tragically drowned in a swimming pool at his relative's home on Thursday, Abu Dhabi Police confirmed.

The Central Operations Control Room at Abu Dhabi Police received an emergency call from a family member in Jebel Hafeet, who reported that the young boy drowned in the swimming pool.

Police have already launched a summer-campaign and urged parents to monitor their children while they play without adult supervision. Parents were also advised to install fences around the swimming pool area to restrict the entry of children into the pool area.

Abu Dhabi police said that parental neglect played a large factor in the cases of children's drowning.

Police warned families to increase the level of supervision in the swimming pool area, and urged parents to never leave their children unattended, or let them swim alone without an adult present.

Pool safety

To prevent children from drowning, police urged parents and landlords to:

  • Install a fence around the swimming pool area.
  • Ensure there is a non-slippery floor around the pool. Make sure floats, tubes, toys and cleaning equipment are stored away from the water when they're not in use.
  • Provide swimming equipment, such as life jackets and arm floats.
  • Close all the doors that lead to the swimming pool.
  • Never leave the child unattended and watch them at all times.

Source: Abu Dhabi Police