Jaya Gupta
Seventy-one-year old Jaya Gupta (right) has won $1 million in the DDF draw, she is pictured here with her mother (left) Image Credit: SUPPLIED

Two Indian expats from the UAE have won the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw, taking home a staggering prize money of US$1 million each.

Jaya Gupta and Ravi Ramchand Bachani are two lucky Indians who on Tuesday won the DDF million dollar raffle draw.

Their winning ticket numbers were 0993 and 0969 from series 303 and 304 respectively.

Another Indian expat also has won a Mercedes Benz car.

Dubai Duty Free Raffle Draw Image Credit: SUPPLIED

Seventy-one year old Dubai-based businesswoman Gupta said she owed every bit of her win to God and her mother. “It is their blessings that has got me this far in life.”

Gupta, a resident of Dubai for the past 35 years said she has been buying the Dubai Duty Free Raffle Draw for 15 years straight now. She bought her winning ticket before her flight to Mumbai to visit her mother. Gupta added that she travels at least six times a year and every time she buys a DDF ticket.

“Every time the sales girl wishes me good luck. This time I told the girl at the counter to pick the number for me as I have never been lucky. And voila! I won. It feels amazing.”

“I am elated to say the least. I have been screaming and telling my loved ones about the win,” she told Gulf News.

Gupta said she is unsure what she will do with the winning amount as yet. “I have some debts to settle, I will invest some money in my business and a part of the win will go towards charity. I also want to buy a house for my two adopted daughters living in India.”

“I love Dubai, it is my second home. I love shopping at Dubai Duty Free whenever I travel which is at least six times in a year. I thank Dubai Duty Free for such life-changing opportunity given to customers like me,” added Gupta.

Another lucky ticket holder who will be claiming US$1 million in the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw is Ravi Ramchand Bachani, a 37-year old Dubai-based Indian national who won in Series 304 with ticket number 0969. Bachani, a father of one and a Dubai resident for 14 years, runs a garment business and is a regular participant of the million-dollar promotion for the past 10 years now. He bought his winning ticket when he was travelling to Croatia along with his wife during Eid Holidays.

Surprised on hearing the news, Bachani commented, “This is amazing, I cannot believe that I am now a dollar millionaire. Thank you so much Dubai Duty Free!”

Two winners of luxury vehicles were also announced in the Finest Surprise Promotion directly after the Millennium Millionaire draw.