Sam Heidaritorshizi said he was not expecting to win Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: At the Series 249 Big Ticket Live Show, first-time customer Sam Heidaritorshizi was named the grand prize winner who took home the Dh15 million grand prize.

A resident of Dubai, the Turkish national moved to the UAE four years ago and is currently the managing director of a pharmaceutical company. Heidaritorshizi purchased his first-ever Big Ticket online by taking advantage of the buy-two-get-one-free promotion during the first week of February.

When Big Ticket’s representatives first tried to get a hold of Heidaritorshizi to tell him about his big win, his line was engaged due to the flood of phone calls he received from close friends congratulating him. Heidaritorshizi said he never expected to be named a winner despite continuously checking the Big Ticket website over the past week hoping to see his name.

“Thank you, Big Ticket. You have changed my life,” he added.

Emirati millionaire

The second prize winner of the night, UAE national Salim Albastaki, walked away with Dh1 million. The first-time winner, who has been purchasing tickets for the past 15 years, says he first found out about Big Ticket through an advertisement.

At the upcoming live draw in April, one customer will win Dh20 million with Big Ticket. In addition to the grand prize, for the first time this year, nine other winners will have the chance to walk away with guaranteed cash prizes during the upcoming live draw.

Big Ticket customers will also be automatically entered into the weekly electronic draw and stand a chance to be one of three winners to walk away with Dh100,000 every week.