Split second accident
Abu Dhabi Police call on drivers to stop using their mobile phones while driving, as it can lead to traffic accidents. Image Credit: Screengrab

Abu Dhabi: Police have released CCTV footage of an accident in Abu Dhabi to show motorists how dangerous using a mobile phone while driving can be.

The video, which was uploaded on social networking sites on Wednesday, illustrates how an accident can happen within a second.

Titled “A split second”, the video goes on to shows a motorist taking a left-turn and then crashing into an oncoming vehicle. The impact of the accident spins the second vehicle 180 degrees, and viewers can see three pedestrians running away from the road as they avoid getting hit.

Abu Dhabi Police also emphasised that according to Article 32 of the UAE Federal Traffic Law, distracted driving will lead to a Dh800 fine and four black points.

Police across the UAE are carrying out a safety campaign “Avoid distractions while driving”, as part of the Ministry of Interior’s awareness drive to reduce traffic accidents on roads.

Distracted driving also includes surfing the internet, visiting social networking sites and taking photos or videos.