road radar
Image Credit: Shreya Bhatia/Gulf News

Dubai: Radars that are usually used to catch speeding vehicles are now being used to identify motorists who do not comply with the authorities’ call to stay-at-home during the National Sterilization Programme in Dubai, an official said on Friday.

Many motorists were complaining of radar flashes on different roads in Dubai in spite of following speed limits.

Dubai Police said the radars had been recalibrated to catch people who are violating instructions.

Shreya Bhatia/Gulf News

Police said motorists should request permission before leaving homes for essential purposes such as buying food or medicines during the sterlisation programme.

An official at Dubai Police said people should register on the  website that was launched by Dubai’s Higher Committee to avoid fines.

Ali Al Shouk/Gulf News

“Only people who have registered on the website and received approval will be allowed to leave [their] home in Dubai. We received many calls from motorists tonight [asking about the flashing radars in spite of] driving under speed limits,” said the official.

He said that the radars are now recalibrated now to catch violators during the period of sterlisation, from 8pm to 6am.