RTA on NYE in Dubai 2022/23
RTA officials and Dubai Police managed the flow of revellers to and fro locations of New Year's fireworks Image Credit: Twitter/@rta_dubai

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai today announced that 2,166,821 riders used its public transport, shared mobility means and taxis on New Year’s Eve.

The figure reflects a 33 per cent rise from last year’s number, which was 1,632,552 riders.

The breakdown of ridership shows Metro in the lead with 958,161 riders, Tram taking in 49,855 people and public buses transporting 395,930 passengers.

The Metro continued around-the-clock and more than 200 buses were deployed to lift riders from celebrations’ locations to the vehicles parking areas designated for the event.

Marine transport means ferried 77,844 riders, E-Hailer took 125,651 riders, taxis served 558,079 people and shared mobility means accounted for 1,301 riders.