Service lane and parking spaces have been added to the road Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed the Algeria Street Improvement Project stretching 2km from the intersection of Algeria Street and Al Khawaneej Street (South) to the intersection of Tunis Street (North) at Al Muhaisnah 1 and Al Mizhar 1.

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The project is part of RTA’s continuous efforts to upgrade road infrastructure across Dubai, improve the traffic flow for road users, and serve surrounding residential areas witnessing high population growth rates.

The new junction now provides left turns, thereby serving the residential communities of Muhaisnah and Al Mizhar Image Credit: Supplied

“The scope of the project includes widening Algeria Street from the intersection of Street 11 near Al Khawaneej Street up to the intersection with Tunis Street as well as Streets 27 and 31. Works included increasing the number of lanes of Algeria Street from two to three lanes in each direction. As such, the road’s capacity grew from 6,000 vehicles to 9,000 vehicles per hour in both directions,” said Hamad Al Shehhi, Director of Roads, Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA.

“The project includes transforming the existing roundabout into a signalised junction to provide left turns, thereby serving the residential communities of Muhaisnah and Al Mizhar. Algeria Street was also improved through the introduction of cycling tracks and designated pedestrian zones stretching from Street 11 to Street 27 on Algeria Street’s left side, and from Street 27 to Tunis Street on the right side. These improvements contribute to improving road quality and reducing the travel times from Al Khawaneej Street to Tunis Street from 15 minutes to just 7 minutes during peak hours, marking a reduction of over 50 pr cent.”

Works include paving of a service road along both sides of Algeria Street to link with the service roads for Streets 27 and 31, and the provision of parallel parking spaces for villas on both sides along with angle parking in areas adjacent to the junction of Algeria Street with Streets 27 and 31.