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View of the Shaikh Khalifa Bridge toll gate Abu Dhabi activate the road toll system on 2nd JAN 2020 photo; Atiq Ur Rehman /Gulf News Image Credit:

Abu Dhabi: It has been four days of smooth operation for Abu Dhabi’s tolls gates, which began charging motorists Dh4 for every pass during the four designated peak hours. Given the three-month grace period to finalise registration, many motorists with vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi are yet to sign up on the toll payment portal, Gulf News has learnt.

To ease registration, the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), which regulates the toll gates and other forms of public transport in Abu Dhabi emirate, has ensured that the payment portal is optimised for use on smartphones and mobile devices. Like the desktop site, the Integrated Transport Payment System (ITPS) mobile webpage includes all features required to sign up for toll payment, including a detailed FAQ section.

Non-Abu Dhabi registered vehicles

Manual sign-up on the payment portal is only required for those with vehicles registered outside Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi motorists, on the other hand, have received sign-up details by SMS, and have only had to log in and top up their balances.

According to the ITC, the toll system is expected to reduce congestion by six per cent during the peak hours between 7AM to 9PM and 5PM to 7PM. The charges are levied only during these four hours every day, and motorists who wish to avoid paying the charges can avoid travelling to and from Abu Dhabi island during these times.

“I visited Abu Dhabi with my family during the weekend, but simply chose non-peak timings for my visit since I am not yet registered on [ITPS],” one Dubai resident told Gulf News.

Tolls waived in non-peak hours

Initially announced last July, the ITC only waived tolls during non-peak hours in December 2018. Earlier, the ITC had said a pass during non-peak hours would be charged at Dh2. The news was greeted by residents, many of whom had been worried about the added daily expense to their living costs.

“I pass the Shaikh Khalifa Bridge toll gate on my way to and from work every day. For the moment, I make sure to cross the tolling point before 7AM in the morning, and I am very grateful the transport authorities have given us an option to minimise road toll expenses,” said Mohammad MM, a Sri Lankan expat.

There are currently four toll gates, one each on the four bridges leading on and off Abu Dhabi island, namely Al Maqtaa Bridge, Mussaffah Bridge, Shaikh Khalifa Bridge and Shaikh Zayed Bridge.

Tolls are also capped at Dh16 per day per vehicle, and at Dh200 per vehicle every month. In addition, the charges are waived entirely on Fridays and public holidays.

Toll payment portal

Access the toll payment portal, the Integrated Transport Payment System (ITPS), by visiting via your desktop or mobile device.