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Heavy rains in Dubai Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: Motorists attempting to make a quick escape from Dubai into Sharjah found themselves stuck as vehicles were stalled along major routes due to the rain on Sunday.

Heavy traffic jams started at 1pm as drivers made their way down Sheikh Zayed Road, Sharjah-bound, which started from Dubai Marina all the way to the Trade Centre Roundabout.

Sharjah Police said Wadi Al Helou road linking Sharjah and Kalba has been closed due to the flow of the valleys.

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Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Delays continues further as traffic jams were reported on Al Garhoud Bridge, and up to Al Wahda Street.

191110 heavy traffic
The rain on Sunday caused heavy traffic jams across a number of main routes in Dubai. Image Credit: Google Maps

“Motorists should remain cautious when driving in the rain, and follow all traffic rules to ensure their safety,” said an official at Sharjah Police.

On the highway of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, heavy tailbacks were reported in both directions due to an accident near the Muhaisnah exit. Traffic in and around International City, Academic City and the Dubai-Al Ain Road also disrupted traffic movement throughout the city of Dubai.

Major congestion was also reported on Al Khail Road towards Business Bay, leading up to Airport Tunnel.

Abu Dhabi Police called on drivers to exercise caution during such volatile weather conditions, and cautioned motorists to reduce their speed to 80 km/ h, and leave an adequate distance with the cars in front.

“We ask drivers to be cautious due to the weather fluctuation and not to be preoccupied with their phone, and they should not take photos,” said Abu Dhabi Police.

Dh800 fine, 4 black points

Taking photographs of rain while driving is a traffic violation and will be penalised with a Dh800 fine and four black points.

According to Article 32 of the Federal Traffic Law, the use of a mobile phone is categorised under distracted driving.

Dubai Police also noted that about 50 per cent of youth accidents in Dubai occur because of using mobile phones and social media while driving.