Abu Dhabi: Residents will have fewer hours per day for parking in the capital during Ramadan, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport announced in a statement sent out on Wednesday.

According to the emirate’s transport sector regulator, parking will be paid from 9AM to 2PM every day, except on Friday. Between Saturday and Wednesday, motorists will also have to pay for parking between 9PM and 2:30AM, and they will have to pay on Thursday between 9PM and midnight. Parking will be free from 2pm to 9pm every day.

In addition, people attending Taraweeh prayers will be exempted from paying for parking as long as they park in the bays surrounding mosques while the prayer is ongoing, as long as they do not block vehicles or traffic flow.

Parking charges will remain unchanged, and parking is free on Fridays, starting from 12AM to 9AM on Saturdays. In addition, motorists should continue following resident permit parking regulations between 9PM to 8AM.

In terms of public transport, public bus services will cease between 6PM and 8PM every day within Abu Dhabi city. Routes between the Abu Dhabi city and the suburbs will not offer services between 6PM and 8:30PM. However, service number A1 between Al Zahiyah and Abu Dhabi International Airport will remain operational for 24 hours.

Bus services between Al Ain and its suburbs will stop between 6PM and 8PM, except service X90. And in the Western region, bus services will not be available between 6:30PM and 8:30PM.