The DTC AI Control Centre can oversee 5,200 taxis, 1,000 school buses, 1,000 commercial buses, 600 delivery motorbikes and 400 limousines. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As many as 7,200 vehicles, including school buses, taxis, limousines, commercial buses and motorcycles, are now being monitored by Artificial Intelligence in Dubai, thanks to a new system introduced by Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC).

The system not only tracks the routes of the vehicles, but also monitors the behaviour of drivers and their compliance with guidelines.

The fleet covered by the new system includes 5,200 taxis, 1,000 school buses, 400 limousines, 1,000 commercial buses and 600 delivery motorbikes.

With the new AI system monitoring as many as 1,000 school buses, DTC is ensuring the safety of students,and their timely pick-ups and drop-offs. The system can track the progress of trips, monitor student details, observe driver behaviour and offer immediate alerts when necessary.

High-demand areas

The AI Control Centre also oversees the operation of 5,200 taxis, ensuring consistent availability of services 24/7. It supports drivers, responds to their needs, directs them to high-demand areas, measures daily vehicle movement efficiency and analyses data. All these efforts aim to enhance performance to meet customer satisfaction.

Ammar Al Braiki, Director of Fleet Operations at DTC, said, “DTC is keen to showcase the efforts of the control centre and educate the public and road users about the role of DTC in benefiting from the new technologies and smart systems in monitoring and tracking 7,200 vehicles. The control centre monitors and tracks the performance of 14,500 drivers. The centre assists senior management in making swift and efficient decisions besides offering a comprehensive calendar of events happening in Dubai, ensuring the taxi fleet is deployed according to demand and the available vehicles are redirected to high-demand areas.”

DTC is actively seeking to expand its automated operations, engage in big data analysis, and utilise smart systems to provide top-tier transportation services in line with global standards and manage the transport system ensuring the safety of all, a press statement said.