Dubai: Traffic Police have identified the three most deadliest roads in the city and they are Emirates Road, Al Kail Road and Al Garhoud Bridge.

Statistical analysis also identified the top three hazardous drivers by nationality as Indian, Pakistanis and Emiratis.

Major-General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, director of the Traffic Department, announced yesterday that the total number of deaths in the first eight months of this year stood at 76, out of which 38 took place at night while 34 occurred during the day.

“As many as 20 deaths were caused by motorists who did not pay attention [while on the] roads, while sudden swerving caused 15 deaths and 296 accidents,” said Maj Gen Al Zafein.

According to statistics released by the Traffic Department, sudden entry to roads caused seven deaths while five deaths and 280 injuries were a result of not maintaining a safe distance between cars.

“During the same period last year, we recorded 20 deaths and 206 accidents by motorists who did not pay attention [while on the] roads. Driving recklessly caused 12 deaths and resulted in 87 accidents in 2011, while [the number of] motorists under the influence of alcohol dropped from 88 [last year] to 11 [this year] due to our stricter traffic rules and awareness campaigns,” Maj Gen Al Zafein said.

Seven deaths were recorded on Bypass Road in 2012, while four were recorded on Shaikh Zayed Road, four on Emirates Road, and three along Al Khawaneej Road and heading towards Jebel Ali.

In 2011, nine deaths occurred on Bypass Road, five on Emirates Road, followed by two along Al Khail road and Shaikh Zayed Road. Endurance Road and Dubai-Al Ain Road witnessed four deaths.

Maj Gen Al Zafein further pointed out that the period running up to August 2012 saw 1,651 injuries, with 113 of them being serious injuries while 411 were moderate injuries.

He noted that heavy trucks caused 13 deaths in 2012 while private cars caused 43 deaths and motorcycles caused six deaths.

“Car collisions have topped the list of traffic accidents with 1,232 accidents that resulted in 28 deaths up to August 2012, followed by 26 deaths with pedestrians,” he added.