RTA announces on Thursday to reduce the taxi fares by 22 fils per km with immediate effect Image Credit: GN Archives

Dubai: Taxi fares in Dubai have been reduced for the second time, reflecting the lowering of fuel prices across the UAE, a senior official from Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has confirmed to Gulf News on Thursday.

Adel Shakri, director of Planning and Business Development at RTA’s Public Transport Agency, said the per kilometre tariff is now 22 fils lower — from the previous Dh2.19 to the present Dh1.97 per kilometre fare.

This means a 20-kilometre taxi journey is now Dh4.40 cheaper.

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The latest reduction has been implemented since December and the first one was in October last year. The present Dh1.97 per kilometre tariff is actually lower than the previous Dh1.99 charge back in June last year.

“We always consider providing the best transport services to the riding public. The latest taxi fare reduction of taxi is a reflection of this,” Shakri said.

Starting/booking fare unchanged

The booking and starting taxi fare across Dubai, however, remains unchanged. The RTA previously explained to Gulf News: “Any change in taxi fares is a dynamic change based on the fluctuating fuel prices in the local market and is calculated based on fuel usage per kilometre. We have implemented a forethought increase without any impact on the opening/booking fare charges (of taxis).”