Dubai: The popularity of Dubai Metro’s Green Line has jumped over the last year as more than 37 million people used the route.

The upward swing has continued this year with as many as 3,827,895 passengers using the trains on the Green Line in January.

To be precise, 37,576,839 passengers used the trains on the 23-km route last year, indicating that the Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) efforts in getting people to use mass transit is working.

Passing through densely populated residential and commercial areas, business districts, and various cultural, sports, and health venues, the Green Line plays an important role in moving people quickly.

Of the 12 elevated stations and eight underground stations on the Green line Al Fahidi station tops in terms of the number of passengers at 4,582,606, followed closely by Baniyas, which was used by 4,379,949 passengers.

At 3,292,924 passengers, Al Ghubaiba station is third in ridership, while Salahuddin with 2,659,777 and Abu Baker Al Siddique with 2,274,984 passengers follow closely behind.

The Etisalat station with 542,291 passengers is among the least popular stations.

“Within a short time span, the Green Line has made huge achievements in attracting considerable numbers of community members to use the Metro. It has also complemented the successes made by the Red Line of the Dubai Metro, which recharges our determination to continue endeavours towards broadening the rail network in future,” said the CEO of RTA’s Rail Agency Adnan Al Hammadi.