On his recent visit to the UAE, former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram gave some tips on how to drive safely. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Pakistani cricket icon Wasim Akram has brought the spotlight on road safety in Dubai – urging motorists to anticipate the moves of other road users and following traffic rules.

On a recent visit to the UAE, the former Pakistan captain and fast bowling great was presented with statistics revealing that Pakistani nationals are responsible for causing almost a quarter of the accidents in Dubai.

Akram said: “Cricket is a team sport. To be successful, one must interact with others around and need to assess their moves and intent. You need to closely watch out and care for each other! We are in it together, as a team.

“Exactly the same applies on the roads. Watch out for others around you, anticipate their moves and care for them.”

The five nationalities are, in descending order, Pakistanis, Indians, Emiratis, Bangladeshis and Egyptians, according to statistics of Dubai Traffic Police that were released in 2014.

The statistics showed that Pakistanis represent the biggest group of motorists who cause accidents, resulting in 24 per cent of the overall fatalities and for 21 per cent of the overall injuries.

Commenting on the lack of road etiquette, Akram said: “Caring means to be generous, polite and well mannered. We do not wish to be rude, reckless or conceited.

“This is what I do when on the road and I invite all my followers to exhibit the same manners. You have to lead by an example, I drive safe & care for others around me, do you?”

The lack of motorists driving safely has also raised the attention of authorities, who have now included it in the federal government’s targets of Vision 2021, with the aim to reduce road traffic fatalities from 5.99 per 100,000 people in 2015 to 3.00 by 2021.

Thomas Edelmann, founder of RoadSafetyUAE, said: “Akram’s support is very precious, being such an icon for Pakistani nationals and for all cricket lovers. We truly believe, that his message will be heard and that his followers will listen to his advice and guidance.”