Abu Dhabi police
Image Credit: Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: “Road security” topped the community’s attention in an opinion poll, conducted by Abu Dhabi Police, in Arabic and English, to determine the most important “digital content” during the year 2023 for followers of its accounts on social media sites.

Among the participants surveyed, 72 per cent confirmed their interest in the content related to road security and enhancing traffic safety published by Abu Dhabi Police accounts on social media sites.

Brigadier General Mohammed Ali Al Muhairi

Brigadier General Mohammed Ali Al Muhairi, Director of the Security Media Department, Leadership Affairs Sector, said that Abu Dhabi Police’s interest in conducting opinion polls comes as part of its ongoing efforts to develop the content of its daily messages through its accounts on social media sites and in line with the community’s priorities and interests.

He explained that opinion polls conducted by Abu Dhabi Police in recent years confirmed that traffic safety is at the top of society’s priorities and concerns, which the security media takes into account, pointing to the Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to communicate with the public and annually identify the most important content as part of its efforts to evaluate and develop media content. 

Positive behaviour

He added that the public’s reponse with the surveys confirms the community’s response to the media messages and regular campaigns published by Abu Dhabi Police to enhance drivers’ awareness of traffic systems and regulations, stimulate positive behaviours of road users, and warn against transgressions and negative behavior, as part of its goals to enhance the safety of road users.

Abu Dhabi Police, through its media channels, provides daily news services, in addition to awareness messages and proactive warning alerts regarding emergency situations on the roads, around the clock, in confirmation of the partnership between the police and society, to enhance the security and safety of everyone.