Dubai: Leadership expert and philanthropist Tony Robbins on Sunday announced collaborating with the UAE leadership to feed one billion people as part of a personal humanitarian project. Speaking at the plenary session ‘The Evolution of Leaders’ at the seventh WGS 2019, Robbins said: “Our job as leaders is to take the worst days for the people we lead and find the deeper meaning to move them forward and transform them into the best.”

He also highlighted the role technology will play in the next wave of human advancement. “Technology provides incredible new choices … but what we need to do is make sure it’s used for the highest good,” he said.

“The cost of food has dropped 30-fold, health care breakthroughs are extending the human lifespan by 10-15 years, 1.1 billion people have been lifted out of poverty. Looking back on the progress made, Robbins noted: “What we’ve done is exciting, what’s to come is even more so.”

Leadership, Robbins pointed out, is the ability to create a shared experience and compel lasting, positive change for the greater good. Robbins noted that leaders must not only direct a vision for progress, focus the agenda, and pour certainty into others, they must also be able to make the transition from passive discussion and knowledge sharing, to one of energy and impact through action. It is by bridging this gap, that leaders will truly move humanity in a positive direction.