The site of the bus crash
The site of the bus crash Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Three Asian expats were killed in Abu Dhabi, and two sustained moderate injuries, when two buses collided into one another on the Saih Shuaib Truck Road on Tuesday morning.

The motorist of one bus had been distracted, and his inattention had caused the bus to collide with the other. The buses had been driving on the Saih Shuaib Road in the direction of Al Faya area.

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In a separate incident, a bus had it a number of camels on the truck road towards Nahel area.

At the time, there was poor horizontal visibility due to the fog. There were however no injuries reported.

The Abu Dhabi Police have called upon motorists to drive carefully, and pay full attention to the road, especially when driving during low visibility and fog. They must also adhere to speed limits in order to ensure the safety of all road users.