From a starry night under the open skies to cooking at home for friends and family, UAE residents have their plans in place for New Year's Eve. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Where will you be this New Year’s Eve?

There are 1,001 and ways to usher in a brand new year. These could include kayaking, trekking, walking on the beach, watching fireworks display, partying or just spending a quiet night indoors. And then of course there is this romantic fiance who has planned to surprise his beau with a marriage proposal!

No matter what, we all want to ring out the old and ring in the new in the best way we can. Given the pandemic, we all are hoping and praying for a healthy, happy and beautiful sunrise on January 1, 2022. Gulf News spoke to some UAE residents to know about their New Year’s Eve plans.

Dmithri Perera: Sri Lankan expatriate, educator

Dmithri Perera plans to catch the Burj Al Arab fireworks from Kite Beach with her family on New Year's Eve. Image Credit: Supplied

In the last 12 years that this Sri Lankan expatriate has lived here, she has never watched the Burj Al Arab fireworks. “So, this year, we — my husband Sanjaya Jirasinha and daughter Idalia and I — plan to reach Kite Beach a little early in the evening to catch all the action there. Some of our friends have planned to join us and we all, a group of about ten people, will have a modest party at the beach, watching the fireworks. We hope to arrive before sunset so that we can enjoy a beach walk, catch up on food and games before watching the fireworks. I have seen the Burj Khalifa fireworks many times, but this will be my first time on the west side of the city. Hope to get some action from other places on the Palm too.”

Chris Gourdie, UK expatriate, businessperson

Chris Gourdie is planning to spend a quiet night at home with family this New Year's Eve. Image Credit: Supplied

“I have been in the UAE since 1983. I have seen the progress of the UAE from a rural hamlet to the state-of-the-art country it is today. I have probably seen everything, spent many New Year Eves outdoors. This time, though, I plan to spend a quiet one at home with family.”

Nikolas Spyropoulos, Greek expatriate, personal trainer and PE instructor

For Nikolas Spyropoulos, New Year's Eve is time for course correction. Image Credit: Supplied

“We Greeks love the festivities around Christmas and New Year. Therefore, New Year’s Eve is time for course correction. I plan to take some of my clients to the desert, close to Dubai. We will do a run there, burn a few calories and then enjoy a barbecue. The message this year to all is that it is important to enjoy — keeping all the COVID-19 protocols in mind, of course. Nothing is more important than our health. We have realised this more than ever in the last few years and welcoming 2022 with an energetic run and healthy food is the best way to establish this.”

Mohammad Hassan Ali, Egyptian expatriate, motorbike enthusiast

Mohammad Hassan Ali is looking forward to a beautiful night under the stars on New Year's Eve. Image Credit: Supplied

“There is a secret hideaway, near Nad Al Sheba — a beautiful stretch under the stars. We bikers love the place and on New Year’s Eve, we plan to bike together to that place, enjoy a barbecue in that scintillating setting and watch the fireworks and city lights from a distance. I have a magnificent Triumph Classic [motorbike] and I always celebrate special occasions riding it to some exotic place. This one is going to be truly memorable.”

Elena Drozdova, Ukrainian expatriate, professional vocalist and music teacher

Elena Drozdova plans to sing all her favourite party songs to an appreciative audience at a hotel on New Year's Eve. Image Credit: Supplied

“I am between jobs and could not think of ushering New Year in a better way than singing through the night. I have managed to get a good assignment at a top five-star hotel in Ras Al Khaimah for New Year's Eve. I plan to hang around with my musical instruments and sing all my favourite party songs to an appreciative audience. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

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Burani Tamang, Nepali expatriate

Burani Tamang is looking forward to a memorable New Year's Eve this time as she turns 40 on December 31. Image Credit: Supplied

“I will turn 40 this December 31. This is a big day for me. I have never been on a sight-seeing cruise around Dubai. This New Year’s Eve, I plan to book a cruise for my sister, her family and some other family members here. We will celebrate my birthday on the cruise while watching the fireworks and ushering in my 41st year! 2022 is going to be a fresh start in many ways!”

Remia Jimenez, Filipino expatriate, nail technician at a salon 

Remia Jimenez will be organising a party at home with friends on this New Year's Eve.

“We Filipinos love to party and this New Year’s Eve is going to be no different — only that the party will be limited to a few friends at home and we will cook as usual. We just need an excuse to cook some succulent grills! This New Year’s Eve, after work, my friends and I have organised a party at home. We will have music and of course there will be ‘Secret Santa’, where all of us plan to give gifts to each other, but the identity of the gift giver will not be revealed. I am very excited and am looking forward to it.”