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As many as 1,527 abandoned vehicles were seized during the inspections. Image Credit: Gulf News

Sharjah: In an effort to promote a clean and safe environment for residents and visitors, Sharjah City Municipality (SCM) conducted 25,294 inspection visits to various parts of the city to keep an eye on negative behaviours that may cause inconvenience or distort the general appearance of the city.

The inspection teams were swift to take legal and administrative action against those who were found in violation of the rules and regulations. These measures were taken to ensure that the city remained aesthetically pleasing.

Khalifa Bughanim Al Suwaidi, Acting Director of the Monitoring and Inspection Department at Sharjah Municipality, stressed that aesthetic appearance is one of the most important concerns of the municipality whiuch aims to keep Sharjah as one of the most attractive cities in the world, besides being a tourist destination.

Periodic inspections, the official explained, helped remove ad hoc vendors, abandoned vehicles and prohibited materials that hamper the look of the city.

During the first quarter of this year, 1,527 abandoned vehicles which left by their owners for long periods of time without care or cleanlingwere seized. At the same time, the municipality also received 1,461 requests to release vehicles.