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File picture of Sharjah at dusk, the time for ending the day's fast Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Sharjah: Sharjah City Municipality on Monday announced that restaurants and cafeterias will be allowed to display food on stands in front of their outlets during Ramadan.

The outlets can display the food outside from the time of Asr (afternoon) prayer (which starts around 4pm) until the time for iftar (ending the fast at sunset, around 6.30pm).

Also, outlets need a permit to sell food from morning until Asr.

The authority added that the necessary permits for this purpose will be issued in accordance with health controls and preventive measures. The municipality also concluded its preparations for Ramadan through inspections of food establishments.

Obaid Saeed Al Tunaiji, Director-General, Sharjah Municipality said the municipality has drawn up the necessary plans to receive the holy month, and has prepared all its relevant departments and work teams to follow up on food preparation and serving facilities, and allocate 50 inspectors of food establishments to follow up their compliance with health controls.

Preserving appearances

He pointed out that the municipality has allowed restaurants and cafeterias to display food outside their premises after obtaining the necessary permits from the Health Control and Safety Department. The department also began receiving requests from food establishments for permits to sell food during the day in Ramadan.

Al Tunaiji said has the municipality is keen on preserving the aesthetic appearance of emirate in line with the spiritual atmosphere of this month. Municipal inspection teams will intensify their efforts to monitor any negative phenomena or distortions to the public appearance and take action against them.

The municipality will also set up two Ramadan tents, in cooperation with the Sharjah Charity Association, to serve fasting workers at the municipality’s workers’ housing in industrial areas.

The municipality urges all members of the public to contact the call centre on the number 993 to report any violations, observations or negative behaviour.

Rules for displaying food outside
-Food to be displayed in front of the premises, provided it is not a sandy area.
-Food to be displayed in an airtight glass cabinet with sliding or hinged door.
-Put the food in stainless steel containers.
-Cover the food with aluminium foil or food grade plastic.
-Use food grade packaging materials.
-Keep the food at an appropriate temperature.
-The displayed food should be prepared at the food establishment