Zubin Doshi, owner, Scoopi, seen with Chef Ranveer Brar

Scoopi is all about combining passion with innovation and bringing customers an experience like never before.

With each dessert made fresh to order, Scoopi is not just about ice cream, but about the experience that comes along with it.

This expert ice creamery from Zubin Doshi is all about the drama. And we’re talking specifically about its gold-dusted, activated charcoal scoops. Scoopi makes all of its ice cream using liquid nitrogen to deliver a smooth, buttery scoop like no other.

With top celebrities such as Emraan Hashmi and Ranveer Brar visiting, Scoopi is definitely one to keep an eye out for, with its special flavours that have a distinctly local flex.

From liquid nitrogen ice cream to freshly made stroop waffles, Scoopi definitely has the best desserts in town.

Spreading the joy of their sweet treats, Scoopi is now open to franchising across the GCC. Contact