200720 Hope Probe
UAE Hope Probe Mission to Mars launch. Image Credit: MHI Launch Services

Dubai: Jordan on Monday lit up its Amman landmarks in red to celebrate of the great achievement by the UAE’s ‘Hope Probe’ Mars Mission, set to arrive on the Red Planet Tuesday.

The Roman Theatre, Abdoun Bridge, the Royal Hotel, Wakalat Street and the advertising screens of the Greater Amman Municipality will shine in red until 12am Wednesday.

The Hope Probe, the first Arab exploration Mars mission of its kind, is expected to reach the orbit of Mars Tuesday, making it the first of three missions to reach the red planet this month.

The UAE, China and the United States launched missions to Mars last July, taking advantage of a space positioning conducive to sending a new batch of search mechanisms into the orbit or to the surface of the most interesting planet in the solar system.

If the mission succeeds, the UAE, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, will become the 5th country in the world to reach Mars, while China will become the sixth the next day.