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RTA start installing smart screens to display real-time updates of Dubai public buses operations. Image Credit:

Dubai: Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has started installing new generation smart screens to display real-time updates of public buses operating in the city.

The step, which contributes to RTA’s strategic goal in line with the Smart Dubai initiative, will also add to the happiness of public bus riders. “We have started the installation of 151 smart screens at public bus shelters, and nine ff them will be installed before the end of this year. The screens will offer public bus riders instant updated bus timings, said Khaled Al Awadi, Director of Transportation Systems, Public Transport Agency, RTA. He said that the screens would save waiting time for passengers and enable them to revise their journey plans in the event of any emergency changes or rescheduling of the services.

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New generation display screens

According to RTA press release on Sunday, the new generation of screens is powered by solar energy, which fits well the Dubai’s driver to switch to clean and alternative energy sources in powering Dubai projects. The project constitutes part of Dubai’s Smart City initiative and contributes to RTA’s efforts to ease the use of public transport means. The screens display the arrival time of buses and the each bus stop on the route. RTA will also install touch screens to serve as journey planners, display the whole public transport map, and list RTA’s smart services.

“Additionally, RTA will install mega screens at the main waiting areas of stations to display information assisting the use of public transport means. As part of RTA’s efforts to support Expo 2020 Dubai, these screens can display key information about Expo 2020 along with updates of events to help riders plan for attending events of their interest,” concluded Al Awadi.