Abu Dhabi: As part of its support for studies of Nabati poetry and popular culture, the Poetry Academy of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage published a book by the Saudi poet and researcher Hessa Hilal, who is known by the pen name Rimiya.

The title of the work is Divorce and Kholu' Poetry — A Reading of the Status of Women in Tribal Society —Nabati Poetry as a Witness. Kholu' is the process of initiating divorce by Muslim women.

The book is made up of 297 pages. The print is in small format and is divided into two main parts. The first chapter, The Right of Choice, contains 17 poems and includes notes. The second chapter, Rejection and Resistance, includes 78 poems, also with notes. The study contains an alphabetical index of the names of known figures mentioned in the book. In addition to this is a page of references which the researcher has used for the study.

At the outset of the book the author emphasises that the study is exclusively concerned with the category of helpless and unhappy women. She stresses that the study does not deal with all women in tribal society.


The poems and verses of poetry were compiled from female Bedouin poets who were subject to tribal laws. They have been published by the author for the first time in this book.

Hessa Hilal, known as Rimiya, has published two poetry collections: Lahjat Al Hail and Al Nadawi.

She has recently won third place in the Million's Poet contest during its fourth season in 2009-2010.