Reader complaint
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  • Problem with online payment
  • Bank debited the amount, but not credited to the mobile phone
  • Reader did not subscribe to third party, but got charged for it

I had made an online payment of Dh30 for the mobile phone of a family member on November 1, 2018 through Dubai Islamic Bank. Although the amount was debited by the bank, the amount has not been credited to the mobile phone by etisalat. I have called etisalat several times and so far the issue has not been resolved.

Although the amount was debited by the Bank, the amount has not been credited to the mobile phone...

- Mr Roshan Mohammed, Dubai

Similarly an amount of Dh30 was transferred from ADCB to another mobile number on November 3. This amount was also not credited by etisalat. On enquiry, etisalat staff informed that this amount was credited to Jawabkom. We do not know what is Jawabkom and why etisalat has a contract with such companies, which enables to siphon off our money.

We request etisalat to investigate the matter thoroughly and bring to justice all those who are involved.

From Mr Roshan Mohammed


The management of etisalat responds: The issue related to the Dh30 re-charge amount not being reflected on the customer’s account has been successfully resolved and the customer has already been informed about it. The charges of Jawabkom are valid, and the service was activated by the customer via one-time password (OTP). This issue has been addressed and confirmed with the customer.

Mr Mohammed responds: Etisalat called me and I have clearly explained that we have not subscribed for Jawabkom; we do not know what this service is. Etisalat should investigate the matter seriously and should not give any more excuses. The amount of Dh30 credit was done after intervention of Dubai Islamic Bank. Etisalat staff were not able to resolve on their own.

Etisalat responds: Etisalat’s official reply still stands as the customer’s feedback is not accurate.

(Process initiation: December 12, 2018. Response from orgnisation: December 20, 2018. Process completion: January 10, 2019.)

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