Reader complaint
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Please help me raise my voice to etisalat regarding Dh484.35 amount for value added services and third-party subscriptions in May 2022 bill without my approval. I have tried to contact etisalat customer service and explain this issue but they always reply that nothing can be done. The only option they give is to pay the amount.

I am 100 per cent sure I never subscribed to any third-party services and they don’t have proof of me making subscriptions. It’s a lot of money to be just paid without a genuine reason. I made several complaints via 101 but it was closed without solving the issue. I am so stressed since my services will be cut off if I don’t pay this amount.

I have used the same SIM card for more than four years and I have been paying my bills on time, therefore I deserve to be helped by etisalat and wipe off this huge amount.

I have decided to pay the bill, not willingly but it is the only option I had since etisalat was going to disconnect my SIM card if I don’t pay.

I will be grateful if I get help from etisalat regarding this matter. Thank you Gulf News.

From Mr Jawadu Mutesasira


The management of etisalat responds: Kindly note that the case has been investigated, and the charges are valid and payable. The customer is contacted and updated.

Mr Mutesasira responds: Thank you for your email. Etisalat contacted me, but the call agent failed to convince me and they never showed me proof of multiple etisalat third-party subscriptions. I am 100 per cent sure that I never subscribed to any etisalat third-party. However, I was forced to pay the amount of Dh484.35 since etisalat warned me to disconnect my SIM card if I don’t pay. This is not right. I advise etisalat to protect its customers, other than protecting third-party companies.

Editor’s note: We have forwarded the follow up letter to etisalat for further comment. However, its management said they have explained everything to the customer and they would stick to the above reply.

(Process initiation: June 28. Response from organisation: July 7. Process completion: July 20.)