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There were fraudulent transactions in terms of bank withdrawal amounting to Dh14,604.73 on the reader's card. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

I’m complaining about the non-update of my credit bureau standing despite regular payment since December 2017 in RAK Bank.

I fully paid the balance of my credit card in RAK Bank last 2014. Only that the credit card was not closed nor blocked in the system as I was confident it was in my possession. After a year, I received a call from the bank demanding payment against the card balances. I went to the bank with all my records but only to be shocked on the information that my card was used several times for cash withdrawals. I explained that I did not use the card since the closing of the balance and that I neither received any card transactions as my mobile number was the official registered number in the bank. I asked the bank to investigate the fraudulent transactions. I submitted letter of dispute several times in 2015 but had been denied by the bank and said I needed to file a police complaint. Why should I file a police complaint? What is the use of filing a dispute in the bank when there’s nothing they can do on the complaint? The reason there is a dispute is because I wanted an investigation how my card had been used several times against my consent.

My credit bureau standing has been suffering. I endured many shameful situation when the bank sent an email many a times to the Human Resources department of the company I work in. Then the amount communicated had risen to three times against the fraudulent transactions and yet I fought for my right for an answer since then. I was left with nothing except to yield to pay the transactions I had never done. The agent assured me that he will help in updating my credit bureau status once payment will be received regularly as I am eligible for my top-up loan and will settle this fraudulent transactions under my name. For months, I kept asking for updates but nothing was done. Until he resigned from the bank. The current agent (too hard to understand the situation and kept on threatening me) said he can do nothing. I called the bank but they refused to update my status. I had completed a car loan with RAK Bank and for the inclusive months of it, not even a month of delayed payment in the record. Even before closing the balance of the credit card in 2014, my payments were updated as well. Would I not be a responsible individual if I incurred these transactions and not pay the bank? Would I raise a complaint if I knew I am responsible for these transactions? I had credit cards before and had even closed them properly.

I hope there will be a resolution to this matter.

From Mr Raymundo Mozo


The management of RAK Bank responds: Thank you for your email dated December 5, 2018 regarding concerns raised by Mr Mozo.

Please note that as per banks’ standards and best practice in the UAE banking industry, the Bank is limited with respect to disclosing or providing details and/or specific information about their customers to any third party to maintain the confidentiality of their data and personal information.

We have contacted the customer and clarified that the transactions in question were disputed in 2014 wherein the Bank’s decision on the same was communicated.

Mr Mozo responds: Thank you Gulf News but the response of RAK Bank is not the concern I am raising. As per my letter, I informed the bank agent that to close this balance I need an update in the credit bureau. He assured me that he will help me on that matter as I am eligible for a top-up in my bank. That once processed on my top-up loan, I will pay the full balance and close the account. But until now nothing has happened. I am deeply frustrated and disappointed that I was a victim of fraudulent transaction and now I have to pay and even in this time that I am willing to settle with a little consideration, the bank is not willing to help me.

RAK Bank responds: Kindly note that we have not been able to contact Mr Mozo to discuss the matter further and hence SMS and an email was sent to him to contact us.

(Process initiation: December 5, 2018. Response from organisation: December 11, 2018. Process completion: January 12, 2019)

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